Apparently Cavallari was extremely unhappy as husband Jay Cutler made her cry quite often during the filming prior to their divorce!

Reality show actress Kristin Cavallari and quarterback Jay Cutler are ending their 7 years of togetherness of marriage.

The couple declared their plans to get separate and file divorce from late Sunday following 7 years of marriage. From that point, speculation and reports went out on what turned out so badly between the couple have kept on the surfacing, with some cheating allegations coming out and some more insights regarding how Cutler supposedly treated Cavallari off camera.

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She can’t keep her tongue outta me

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“He would make her cry all the time during production. He talked down to her and belittled her,”  “She couldn’t take it anymore.” a friend of Cavalleri told PEOPLE on Thursday.

When the source revealed to Us Weekly the couple blamed each other for cheating before petitioning for a divorce. One more source disclosed to PEOPLE that they were talking about a split “for a while” yet were backing off due to the reason of their kids.

“He belittles Kristin and makes her cry in front of other people,” the second source, also close to Cavallari, said. “He flies off the handle at the littlest thing and would make Kristin absolutely miserable.”

Another source near to them has likewise informed that the couple were “struggling” for “at least three years” and were very despondent meanwhile.

However, the couple has themselves attempted a lot to stay together for their youngsters — Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor. Regarding which Kristin has requested the primary custody of all her three children.


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Saylor with her guncles

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Cavallari, 33, and Cutler, 37, on Sunday publically announced their plans to get a divorce on social platform Instagram. “With great sadness, after 10 years together we have come to a loving conclusion to get a divorce,” they wrote in a public statement that was shared on their respective Instagram profiles.