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Anthony Mackie Is Back As A Cyborg Soldier In The Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller , Outside The Wire!

Streaming platform Netflix has something big planned for the coming new year, and they thought why not welcome the new year with some kick-ass action! Avengers and Altered Carbon star Anthony Mackie is back with another exciting Netflix movie with a big twist!

Anthony Mackie Returns On Netflix With New Sci-Fi Movie, Outside The Wire!

Netflix brings home one of the most awaited sci-fi thriller titled Outside The Wire, starring Damson Idris and Anthony Mackie, the biggest catch of this upcoming movie? Well, Anthony Mackie is no ordinary human but a cyborg soldier!

To find the doomsday device, a disgraced drone pilot soon joins hands with Anthony Mackie’s character, the action takes place in a dangerous militarized zone. The teaser shows some intense action sequence, robot adventure, and a cyborg soldier all in one place! Here’s the official new teaser of the next big Netflix movie, Outside the Wire.


Damon Idris Stars Alongside Altered Carbon Star Anthony Mackie In This New Netflix Action Movie!

The movie teaser gives us some major Altered Carbon vibes! Anthony Mackie is back on the streaming platform with yet another exciting movie, the sci-fi thriller is going to release sometime around January, we might get to see yet another trailer of Outside The Wire. The teaser promises fans loads of action , thrill and a story that might give us a new welcome into the newest year.

So fans should get ready and welcome the cyborg soldier and the team as they fight the upcoming challenges in the movie along with Anthony Mackie on board. We will soon get a release date as it is expected to stream on the first month of the year soon.

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