Another victim of hacking! Was it to defame Demi Lovato’s? Well, looks like the plan failed when fans got furious after her nude pictures leaked! #DemiLovato

Demi Lovato became another victim of internet abuse when some nasty elements hacked her Snapchat account and leaked her private images. A strange Snapchat story was posted on her account, which read, “Join this for discord server for my nudes.” Somehow all these pictures were deleted within an hour from the internet by the singer’s media team after fans reported for the same.


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No photoshop pls & thank u. Also big thanks to @izabelag4 & @maremareswimw for my new fav bikini… y’all know my thing for leopard print bikinis and now of course lime green 💚💚💚

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Demi’s fans were highly raged with this shameful act and considered this to be disrespectful and that the hackers should be ashamed. One of the fans considered leaking of celebrity’s nude images as classless and disrespectful, while another said it to be a disgrace to respect and humanity.

One fan wrote, “Disrespecting someone is one thing, but disrespecting a woman’s body is another thing and completely violating and disgusting. When will the world stop breaking Demi Lovato and just support her?#DemiLovato.

The pictures were leaked through the Discord, and the company apparently said that they do not support such illegal activities, and strict and immediate actions will be taken against the same.

Amidst all this furious situation, Demi is yet to comment on this shameful act. But till then, her fans are defending and supporting her.