Anne Heche reveals about her relationship with ex Ellen DeGeneres on the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’! Check it out.

Being into a relationship has never been easy for the celebrities. They are always surrounded by so many eyes and cameras who do not miss a chance to point out fingers on them if anything goes wrong. Remember Anne Heche from Dancing with the Stars? She recently had an interaction with the media in which the celebrity opened up about the difficulties she faced while she was in relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

Anne Heche is a very talented actress who has been also nominated for Emmy award. Whereas, Ellen DeGeneres is a popular TV show host. Both of them were dating each other during the show, Dancing with the Stars. And the actress have put some lights into this matter. She talked about how this turned out to be a life changing point in her professional life.

She revealed how both of them met each other 20 years ago and in no time her personal life started getting effected due to it. Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres first met each other during a vanity fair party. And just after that they started dating each other.

Moving back to her professional life, it was really unfair for her to lose a movie just because she was in relationship with a girl. The movie’s producer told her not to bring Ellen in her movie’s premier or she will lose her movie. Ellen DeGeneres on the other side, proved put to be extremely supportive. She understood Anne’s situation and was totally cooperative. But Anne seemed to be really upset with the producer’s decision and took Ellen DeGeneres to the party. However, the other members were still harsh to her and denied her from getting into the party.