Angelina Jolie doesn’t want to get Married ever again! Blames Brad Pitt for Destroying her & children’s lives with his Over Controlling Behavior!! Reveals she was completely lost after divorce!!

Looks like Angelina Jolie has still not forgiven Brad Pitt. Both of them got separated in 2016 but Angelina still hates him!

Angelina believes that it was Brad who disturbed her and her children’s lives. He used to make all the decisions he used to control their life and freedom. It was Brad who decided what Angelina should do and don’t.

However, Brad Pitt is trying his best to play the role of a good father but everything is in vain. His son is no longer ready to accept him as his father and has broken all the relationships from his sides!! Well, the family is giving Pitt a hard time!

Angelina revealed that the divorce has brought her children close together and they have much more mutual understanding now. But she is not on good terms. She has not healed emotionally yet. She always tries to keep the family together and holds gathering for her children. However, Angelina finds herself in a very difficult position. She feels that she has no importance and significance. She had lost herself.

Angelina and Brad are still not divorced. The reason that they are still not apart is because of their assets. They cannot divide their property!

Angelina has revealed that she will head out to Africa next year for the betterment and development of her children but not until they are 18. She wants to get far from Brad Pitt as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to get married ever again.

Angelina and Brad Pitt are both Oscar Winners. Brad Pitt has dated a lot of famous women. He was in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston, the famous actress from the superhit TV sitcom” Friends “.He cheated on her with Angelina. Angelina was married to Johny Lee and Billy Thornton in the past.