Andrenaline Pumping with ‘La Casa de Papel’ season 4! Why add Money Heist to-binge-list? Netflix’s best non-English series!!

La Casa de Papel also know as Money Heist has gained International recognition with the third season-ending with a bang. This Spanish series streaming on Netflix has gripped the attention of youths in the most hypnotic way possible.

We, humans, are an inquisitive lot looking to spice up our lives. The English dubbed Money Heist presents its viewers what they need. Thrill, action, comedy, romance, brain-picking -you name it, and Money Heist has it.

Woman in Adventure!

La Casa de Papel season 1 left people reeling with its time jumps. Narrated by Tokyo, the series presents a feminist perspective to this interesting bunch of people guided by a professor.

Excitement Seekers?

 Looking for a mental exercise where you are at the edge of your seat scrambling for the characters to do as you wish? This series fills your heart with such exasperated fondness that you would not have experienced. Cliffhangers pull you in this adventure where you are willing to sacrifice your sleep to binge-watch the show.

My idols, my babies

Characters make the shows besides the storyline. La Casa de Papel provides you with such enormous well-crafted character development arc that would have you feel attached to them. Their feelings merge with yours, making the series a heart warmer.

Behind the camera 

The plot sucks you in this modern Robin Hood story where capitalists are tricked. This shows the intellect and hard work went into making the series a masterwork. Many behind the scenes heroes presented this gift to us. Alex Lina has diligently thought out the concept and context of Money Heist, breathing life into it. Netflix has recognized this gem of a person and contracted him with projects.

Give me Patience

La Casa de Papel has to be on your to-binge-list if you have not seen it already. The upcoming season 4 demands your full devotion so you should relive the series again. Persuasion could be found in Stephen King’s tweet, who is desperately waiting for another season.