Andie MacDowell reveals how she helps her daughter Margaret Qualley through tough times!

A bond of a mother and her daughter is definitely special in its own way. Now, Andie MacDowell revealed that she and her daughter, Margaret Qualley, do a lot of yoga together and that they tend to have a lot of deep conversations as they do their exercises together.

Margaret Qualley definitely had a breakthrough year as the films that she appeared were all nothing but box office hits. Margaret Qualley, 25-years-old, has recently broken up with her two months boyfriend, the “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson. Margaret Qualley’s mother has revealed that they share a very special bond and that she likes to relax in her girl’s company and how she unwinds her.

Image: By Celebretainment

During an interview with the US Weekly, when Andie MacDowell was asked to make a few statements regarding her daughter’s breakup, she said that it would actually be thoughtless to comment on her part.

Pete Davidson, who was previously engaged to Ariana Grande, has been reportedly romancing Margaret Qualley for two months but ended their relationship recently.

An insider revealed that they did agree to be still friends. According to a few reports, Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley were really happy when they together and that they were excited about seeing each other.

Before Margaret Qualley and Pete Davidson have broken up, Andie MacDowell reflected that their relationship was quite beautiful. Pete Davidson reportedly had a low-key relationship with Margaret Qualley when compared to his other high-profile relationships like his engagement to “7 Rings” singer Ariana Grande.

It was revealed that Pete Davidson is rather a learner and is still learning from his previous relationships. An inside source revealed that Pete Davidson had initially no interest in most of the women he earlier dated and that most of them have reached out to him.