An unbelievable incident of Pittsburgh- 200 walnuts founded under the hood of the car


If you park your car outside, make sure to check your car under the hood once in a while as you end up with surprises from the critters in your yard. The following post is written to make you aware of an unbelievable incident happened with a couple in the Pittsburgh area. They found more than 200 walnuts under the hood of the car.

How did a couple get to know about 200 walnuts stored under the hood of their car?

Chris Persic’s wife, Holly, was driving a car on Monday, and then she realized a weird burning smell and was making a strange sound. And when she stopped the car and popped the hood, she found more than 200 walnuts and lots of grass.

Chris said, the grass and walnuts were everywhere, under the battery, and even near the radiator fan. The burning smell comes out when the grass and the walnuts go near the engine and get roasted, just like a roasted chicken.

He also said that Holly inspected her car last month, she checked everything in her car but unfortunately hadn’t looked under the hood, which means the walnuts started falling a few weeks ago. This also shows that Squirrel did their job pretty fast, Chris said.

What could have happened if there weren’t not raining?

Chris said the crazy incident could have turned into the bad one if it weren’t the rain that day. The grass could have caught in a fire, and an unfortunate occurrence would’ve happened.

Chris and Holly Persic found more than 200 walnuts under the hood of their car.

However, there wasn’t costly damage that had occurred in a car, but it took almost an hour to clean the car, Chris said.

Even when they visited a mechanic with their car, a mechanic took some time to remove all the walnuts wherever stocked under the protective plate of the vehicle, but the number of walnuts was enough to fill half of a trash can.