AMERICAN VANDAL: Here is why you need to watch the first two seasons. Has season 3 been canceled? Read to know all latest updates here.

By 3 months ago

America’s future Turd Burglars will rest easy now. Yyou must be wondering what I mean by this. Well, American Vandal is not in the case anymore. The true crime mockumentary series will not be coming on Netflix. It ran for only two seasons. Get all the details about it below.

American Vandal is not going to return for a third season. The streaming service itself gave this information. Netflix said that they were really grateful to the writers, creators, cast and crew for bringing the innovative comedy series on the streaming service. In addition, they also thanked the fans who appreciated and loved the unique and unconditional humor of the show.

However, there’s still some hope for the show to return. Because the producer of American Vandal, CBS TV studios is getting offers from many platforms for bringing the third season of the series. So let’s hope for the best to happen.

The series served like a send up of a true crime project similar to Making a Murder and Serial. It basically revolves around two teen documentarians Sam Ecklund and Peter Maldonado. They investigate the acts of Vandalism in the high schools of US.

Season 1 of the series focused on 27 spray painted penises on the car of a faculty member. Whereas, the second season was based on poop related crime at a Catholic prep school. The first season of American Vandal got the Peabody Award for Television. It was even nominated at Emmy for its outstanding writing for a Limited Series, Movie or a Dramatic Special.

Fans really hope to see a third season of the series. If any such news comes we’ll definitely inform you. Stay tuned for that.