American Rust Season 2 – Is the Show Returning With a New Season or is it Cancelled for good? Details Below

American Rust – Returning or Cancelled for Good?

American Rust is an American television drama series, developed by Dan Futterman. It is based on Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name. It was premiered On September 12, 2021, on Showtime and got cancelled in the subsequent year.

The show takes place in the ideal location for a crime drama: an impoverished Western Pennsylvania Rust Belt town where desperation leads people to commit crimes, according to the official description. It starred Jeff Daniels in the main role as Del Harris, a morally conflicted and eventually compromised police chief.

American Rust

Despite the fact that the show’s Season 1 ratings were not exceptionally high (according to TV Series Finale), and despite the fact that it faithfully reproduced the original material from Myers’ book, Season 2 and beyond left plenty of space for development. Season 1 of “American Rust” ended on November 7th, and we now have all the details on Season 2, which will release in the fall.

When will Season 2 of American Rust be released?

“American Rust” appears to be extinct as of late January 2022. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was the first to report that Showtime has cancelled “American Rust,” and they released a statement from the cable network that offered more details about their decision on January 25.

Showtime said in a statement to the Tribune-Review, “We can confirm that a second season of ‘American Rust’ will not be created.” We’d like to thank our collaborators at Boat Rocker, as well as our wonderful cast, led by Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney, and our outstanding showrunner Dan Futterman and the rest of the fantastic writers.”

Unfortunately, Showtime has decided not to renew American Rust for a second season, ultimately ending Jeff Daniels’ role as Chief of Police Del Harris.

American Rust

The family drama, based on Philipp Meyer’s debut novel American Rust, aimed to explore the shattered American dream through the eyes of Del Harris (Daniels), a troubled and conflicted police chief who lives in a small Rust Belt town in southwest Pennsylvania. When the lady Harris loves learns that her son has been charged with murder, Harris must decide what he is ready to do to protect him.

After a couple of years in development hell, Showtime ordered “American Rust” to series in July 2019. (via Variety). After multiple pandemic-related delays, Season 1 finally began production in March 2021 (through Trib-Live) and will air in September 2021. The season finished in early November, and with it, the “American Rust” tale came to a conclusion, as we all know.

What is the plot of American Rust Season 2?

Season 1 concluded on so many cliff-hangers that it felt quite obvious where the programme could have gone next, as we observed in our article about whether “American Rust” would get a second season. After spent Season 1 investigating Billy for the death of police officer-turned-drug dealer Pete Novick (Jim True-Frost), Del now finds himself covering up a triple homicide that he committed.

Del was forced to kill two of Novick’s accomplices as well as their 87-year-old relative in self-defense, in case you missed it. Del’s deputy Steve Park was sceptical of his role in the killings at the end of Season 1.

American Rust

With these events in mind, viewers were probably anticipating Season 2 to include the following story points: Del stepping into Billy’s footsteps, played by Steve Park; Del also learning at the end of Season 2 that Novick’s real killer was Billy’s friend Isaac English, and that Isaac killed Novick to protect Billy. Del made the decision to hide Isaac’s involvement.

The Poe home, which officially no longer exists, ended on a dramatic note in “American Rust.” Grace set fire to her own home as an excuse to be closer to Del. She was also attempting, but failing, to organise the workers at the warehouse where she worked. Finally, Billy was beaten so badly in prison that he went into a coma. Overall, “American Rust” Season 2 might have picked up a lot of other stories.

Where can I watch American Rust on the internet?

Visit Showtime’s website or use the Showtime app to watch American Rust online. The show is also available on Fubo TV, Sling TV, Spectrum, YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Apple TV. If you live in Canada, you can also watch this programme on Crave. The show is also available on Sky Go and NOW if you live in the United Kingdom.

The American Rust Season 1 Finale Is Explained

While Harris juggles his personal and professional lives, Isaac, Billy’s friend and the man who killed Novick while defending Billy, flees his house, planning to travel to California and start school as he had always planned, but instead returns. Lee (Julia Mayorga), Isaac’s sister, returns to Buell after Isaac’s absence to care for her father.

American Rust

When she returns to town, her husband discovers she has been having an affair with Billy, her high school girlfriend, and their marriage falls apart.

Grace organises her Gelsey Dressmakers co-workers to form a union, but the employees vote no because they are afraid of the changes. Grace comes to the conclusion that following the rules is no longer an option. In the season finale, “Denmark,” Bobby Jesus kills one of his dealers in the hopes of severing the ties between with the smuggler who was imprisoned when Buell’s young sports star was overdosed.

Billy is assured that the Aryan general population will soon confront him. Later, he tells one of the guards that if something happens to him, he should contact Lee immediately: he has kept his word.