American Murder: The Family Next Door- the featured house hasn’t been sold even after 2 years! But what is the reason behind it? Check it out.

The 4,200-square-foot property, which was featured in American Murder: The Family Next Door, hasn’t sold even after two years. The sordid history of the house is itself quite scary and devastating to know.

The 4,200-square-foot property, seen in American Murder: The Family Next Door, is the place where Chris killed his pregnant wife Shanann by strangulation back in 2018, also causing the death of their unborn son Nico.

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American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020) // True Crime Documentary // Directed by Jenny Popplewell // This feels like it’s extremely exploitative and opportunistic if it weren’t for Shannan’s family supporting the film. Even so, the film just seems like tragedy porn to add to the growing watchlist for Netflix-true-crime-binge-watchers. I mean, what is there to even present about this story that wasn’t covered extensively by the news and social media? It was resolved shockingly fast. Ironically the most interesting part about this documentary from a filmmaking standpoint is its presentation exclusively through social media posts, text messages, news clips, and body cam footage. It’s an interesting and modern way to present a documentary. The way it’s all edited together is also pretty well done. And, obviously, the story is certainly intriguing, but, again, there’s not much to tell that you couldn’t Google yourself. Thus its 80 minute runtime. If you’re a true crime junkie then I guess you’ll want to check this out? Maybe? Otherwise I would say there’s far better documentaries worth your time. I want to also make it clear that this review is strictly my thoughts on this from a filmmaking and documentary standpoint. The real life events are tragic and horrible, and I am not in anyway trying to suggest something along the lines of the story not being interesting enough from an entertainment perspective. Which is why I opened this review with the statement that I did. I really feel this documentary does little to validate its existence. // [5/10] // Letterboxd: VinceFilmNerd #americanmurder #thefamilynextdoor #netflix #truecrime #documentary #film #films #movie #movies #filmreview #filmreviews #moviereview #moviereviews #letterboxd #jennypopplewell #2020 #colorado

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He also lived in the property with his two kids Bella, four, and Celeste, three – who he later killed by asphyxiation.

Besides, according to Realtor, the property, technically still owned by Chris, failed to sell at auction. Due to several people already being familiar with the dreadful massacres that took place inside the house.


A bankruptcy attorney from Denver, Clark Dray, told the website: “It’s not getting any bids because people know the sordid history of the house, and nobody wants it.”

According to Nelson, the best chance of somebody purchasing the place is an “out of state buyer,” seeing as the treasons executed in the house were “talked about for months” among residents.

The Netflix documentary is only set to increase the stigma around the property, meaning it may need to be discounted by anywhere from 5 percent to 25 percent to sell, according to Anderson.


Nelson says the best bet of somebody buying the home is an “out of state buyer,” seeing as the crimes committed in the home were “talked about for months” among locals.

For those not familiar with the story, Chris, 34, was married to Shanann, and the couple had two young children.

In 2018, due to the couple facing some marital problems, Shanann decided to give Chris some space. She along were her daughters Bella and Celeste, went away for some time.

Besides, she returned home after her brief time away. But soon she was reported missing by her friend. To which, Chris put up an act of a devastated husband, looking sad on TV and request for witnesses to come forward.

In a shock twist, it came to light that he was actually the killer, and had also been having an affair at the time of the murders.

Chris initially maintained his innocence, but later confessed his crimes in November 2018, after failing a lie detector test. He received three consecutive life sentences and is not eligible for parole.