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Amber Heard’s Sister Made Shocking Revelations About The Whole Johnny Depp- Amber Heard Divorce Fiasco! Check out the latest controversy.

The whole Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce case is getting all messier with time and it seems like it is going to be complicated as well. A new update has resurfaced and it has out things from a whole new perspective.

A New Update Has Come Up In The Johnny Depo- Amber Heard Divorce Case!

Apparently, Amber Heard’s sister has vehemently denied all allegations about the Heard event being physically violent towards her. It was a claim made by Depp’s attorney that his ex-wife was indeed violent towards her.

Moreover, Whitney Henriquez denied all these allegations saying that the and her sister got into a verbal argument and people just made it sound more interesting with wrong information trying to spice up a boring argument. She went on to say in Amber’s support denying any allegations made on the Aquaman actress. This might make things complicated.

Amber Heard’s Sister Is Making Shocking Revelation During The Court Trial.

Henriquez is pretty crucial to the whole case as she has made a bold claim of witnessing Depp being physically violent on Amber Heard back in 2015 in their Los Angeles apartment. Depp, however, has denied all these allegations and claimed that it was Amber who has been violent towards him and not the other way around. This has surely out things on a whole different perspective which might affect Depp’s case further.

While Whitney is pretty adamant about her statements and has claimed that it was Depp who was violent during the marriage , that is not something that the opposition attorney is claiming. The video clip is showing evidence of marks on Whitney’s body which is showing physical violence from her sister.

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