Amber Heard’s Shocking Move to Spain and Plan to Write Tell-All Book Revealed!

Amber Heard: Her Latest Bookstore Visits and Future Endeavors

Amber Heard, the Hollywood actress who starred in big-screen films such as Aquaman, the Rum Diary, and Zombieland: Double Tap, has been in the headlines lately due to her publicized court battles with ex-husband Johnny Depp. Nonetheless, she continues to live her life normally, going out, meeting friends, and indulging in her favorite pastime of reading books. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates on Amber Heard’s bookstore visits and future endeavors:

Amber Heard Shops for Books in Madrid

Amber recently paid a visit to the Madrid Book Fair, where she shopped for some new books with a friend. She sported a casual black sweatshirt, leggings, visor, and sunglasses for the occasion and picked up a few books before stopping by an outdoor cafe with her friend for a read.

Amber Heard’s Move to Spain

Rumors Surrounding the Move

Recently, several media outlets reported Amber’s move to Spain with her two-year-old daughter, Oonagh, after spending a significant amount of time in Madrid. Reports claim that Amber had left Hollywood behind and moved to Spain permanently.

Amber’s Alleged Financial Struggles

After losing an $8 million defamation lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp, Amber reportedly faced financial troubles that led her to consider writing a tell-all book. The book would be her source of income to pay the $8.3 million dollars in damages awarded to Depp.

Depp vs. Heard’s Court Battle

The court battle that resulted in the lawsuit started when Heard accused Depp of physically and sexually assaulting her throughout their marriage. Depp denied the allegations and sued her for defamation. The lawsuit resulted from a 2016 Washington op-ed where Heard raised claims of domestic abuse against Depp.

Heard’s Struggles with Speaking Out Against Sexual Violence

During an interview with Dateline, Amber Heard opened up about her struggles with speaking out against sexual violence. She revealed that she had felt terrified of telling her truth and being called a liar, yet it was something she had to do despite the hate and vitriol directed at her.

Amber Heard’s Recent Outing in Madrid

Heard was recently spotted in Madrid, where she now lives with her daughter. She looked happy, relaxed, and chatty as she took to the streets to do some shopping, looking like she had settled into Spanish life.

Johnny Depp’s Recent Appearance in Cannes

On the other hand, Amber’s ex-husband, Johnny Depp, was in the limelight at the 76th annual film festival in Cannes to mark the debut of his new movie, Jeanne du Barry. He was given a warm welcome and even received a standing ovation during the event.

Amber Heard’s Future Endeavors

The Tell-All Book

Amber Heard is reportedly “broke” and seriously considering writing a tell-all book to pay off the $8 million debt she owes Johnny Depp.

The Book’s Possible Pitfalls

Writing the book could be a risky move for Amber as anything she says out of line may result in another defamation suit.

Her Retirement from Hollywood?

According to reports, Amber considers her Hollywood career over and has nothing more to lose. She is allegedly excited about the book and willing to tell all.


Despite Amber Heard’s publicized legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, the Hollywood actress continues to live her life normally, engaging in her favorite hobbies, and venturing into new endeavors. Her recent bookstore visits at the Madrid Book Fair and plans of writing a tell-all book may paint a new picture of the actress. Nonetheless, her fans continue to support her and look forward to her next move in Hollywood.


Is Amber Heard still acting?

It’s unclear if and when Amber will make her way back to Hollywood and restart her acting career. She is currently living in Spain with her daughter.

What was the outcome of Amber Heard’s court case against Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard was sued for defamation by Johnny Depp after raising claims of domestic abuse against him in a 2016 Washington op-ed. She lost the $8 million-dollar lawsuit.

What was Johnny Depp’s movie debut at Cannes?

Johnny Depp made his movie debut at the Cannes Film Festival with his film, Jeanne du Barry, where he played the role of King Louis XV in a biographical drama.

Why did Amber Heard consider writing a tell-all book?

Heard reportedly faced financial struggles after losing the $8 million-dollar lawsuit against Johnny Depp and is considering writing a tell-all book to pay off the damages.

Did Amber Heard settle her debts with Johnny Depp?

It is unclear if Depp will enforce the ruling and ask Heard to pay the high sum of money in its totality. His lawyers have hinted that might not be the case, saying his motivation behind the lawsuit has already been achieved.