Amber Heard has been REPLACED by Emilia Clarke in Aquaman 2!! What is Jason Momoa’s reaction? Check it out!

There has been a recent changes in the recruitment that is Blake Lively will be replacing Amber Heard in the Aquaman’s next edition rather than Emilia Clarke. This news is in the air since the point wherein the fan art posters of Lively as Mera have been released.

One of the fans even released a fan are where in Lively posed as Xebel. Postal looked so real as it only and only Blake who suited the role . Other than break even Emilia Clarke was considered for the role of Mera in Aquaman 2.

Even Clarke has received has alot of support from the Mera fans to play this role in the movie.

You might be thinking that why is Amber Heard not playing the role? The answer is quite simple. Amber has been going through rigorous litigations in the court case against Johnny Depp. The case spanned such that it was Amber who assaulted Jonny.  Hence, Depp had filed a defamation case against Amber Heard, his ex-wife in lieu of the same. The amount that he seeks from her is that of around 50 million US Dollars. This whole scandal came out when Washington Post revealed that Amber had been posing wrong accusations to his beau.

Even the audio tapes that Depp had produced in the court as proof were a strong evidence of Amber’s cheat. Because of all this Heard has lost some really very good opportunities.  Some of them being the one by DC and Warner Bros.

Though there is not any full proof official announcement from the latter’s part about the contact. Still, the changes are expected since alot of petitions for the same have been filed by the fans.