Amber Heard fires back at critics over her topless photo!

Recently, Aquaman star Amber Heard made headlines when she posted a topless photo from a magazine shoot on Instagram.

Last week, Heard took to social media to address a controversy that arose in the wake of her posting the photo. The followers of the lingerie company la fille d’O were trying to get Heard’s photo removed from Instagram to no avail. Soon, the actress fired back at her critics. She condemned  “#LaFilletEgo” for failing to support other women.

The photo was part of a photoshoot collaboration between Interview magazine and Saint Laurent. In the picture, the Aquaman star is wearing a suit jacket without a shirt underneath. The photo has garnered more than 800,000 likes on Heard’s Instagram. Many praised the actress for being true to herself. Here is the picture:

Meanwhile, Heard has been an advocate for various causes. This includes the demand for LGBT equality and domestic and sexual violence. This is something that she imbibed when she took the role of Mera in the DC Extended Universe.

Heard on her character

Speaking about the character, Heard said that Mera is “a leader. She has integrity.” Heard explained that Mera and Arthur are very different people but “learn to respect each other” even when they have contrasting approaches to life. The actress added that Mera has a “very solid constitution, a strong sense of self” and that she understands her role and her position. Also, she said that the character’s “sense of duty and honor” is something that she respects and admires.

Her forthcoming projects include The Stand, based on Stephen King‘s eponymous novel.

Moreover, Heard is expected to return to the DCEU in Aquaman 2. The film will arrive in theaters on December 16, 2022.