Amazon shakes hand with Henry Cavill to create the Outstanding play of Warhammer 40000

Henry Cavill To Run Uphill After Back To Back Downfall

The Hollywood Reporter shared on December 15 that Henry Cavill has been officially announced to be starring and executive producing in the upcoming live-action television series adaptation of Warhammer 40000, produced by Vertigo Entertainment in a deal with Amazon Studios.

Henry Cavill
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Warhammer 40,000 is a game that shows the future where humanity stands on two boats at once with one leg on the innovative future and the other on its darkest side. Traitors, aliens, and corruption cover this world where humanity is trying to survive on the edge of the balance.

Recently within a span of one month, Netflix as well as Henry Cavill himself has announced his departure news from the “Continent” of The Witcher series as Geralt of Rivia handing it over to Liam Hemsworth and from the role of Superman by Warner Bros. The actor officially shared through social media, emotionally ending his call on both projects, leaving fans with shock and heartbreak.

Superman Departure Post by Henry Cavill
Superman Departure Post by @henrycavill | Instagram

But as we can see Henry Cavill seems to be landing on his feet fine for now, with a new report saying that Amazon is in the final stages to have all the rights to the game of buying Warhammer 40K, which is quite famous in the gaming world and mostly across the UK, produced by Games Workshop, the company that makes popular tabletop games like Warhammer.

As the project is set to be still in its early tracks, Amazon has not yet announced any further information on building the project. This is quite interesting and is making the public curious and eager to see our Superhero in his new role as to how different yet slightly similar his character is going to be compared to his previous ones. Looking through an optimistic view, it is said that Henry Cavill is a Warhammer fan and holds great interest in painting figures of it.

Confirmation on Warhammer by Henry Cavill
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This kind of move from Amazon seems to be really engaging the audience for this can be an epic move to create a show on every sci-fi thing combined with a clash between nonhuman characters with whatever is left of humanity.