Altered Carbon Season 3 Meets a Tragic Fate. When can we Expect Third Season to Release? Read Further to Know the Details

We’re currently living in a world of mortals, where life is confined for a certain period for all without any discrimination. The gift that one has from the nature of one of the biggest and the most precious gift that anyone in ages could expect to get. The novel named Altered Carbon is based in the future era where Takeshi Kovacs, one of the leading characters of the novel investigated to find the reason behind a lay man’s demise.

The novel dates back to 2002 and is written by a British writer named Richard K. Morgan. The novel is a light imagination of how life in the future can be as per the ongoing developments that could lead the future in a certain way.


The novel series deals with the religious ideologies of the Roman Catholics, their thinking about life after death. The Catholics believe that sacks in which the bodies are kept can not be re-sleeved as the body and the soul travels all the way to heaven. That thinking is what led to the novel starting with the debate about UN Resolution 653 and kicks off with the story where the Catholic woman who passed away was temporarily de-sleeved for formal court proceedings. The story seemed controversial to a few until the idea behind the novel was made public to them

It has been running well on the floor and is a testimony to the novel being premiered in a series on Netflix. Two seasons of the franchise have already been released and the third one is yet to be released. The ongoing pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard with every project either getting canceled or postponed for release. Anthony Mackie confirms in an official statement that the third season may take longer than one has imagined and could extend to a few years too.