Altered Carbon is Returning Soon with a Season 2! New Trailer Launched

Netflix’s sci-fi show, Altered Carbon has gained a lot of popularity with the release of its first chapter. The sci-fi show is based on Richard’s K Morgan’s novel of the same name. Altered Carbon Season 2 was never part of the plan for showrunner Laeta Kalogridis or Netflix, but the network went ahead and renewed the series anyway.

The first season went on air in February 2018 and it feels like a decade since the first season released. Morgan has revealed that if everything goes well the show will run for another five seasons, so if you are a binge-watcher then something exciting is coming your way. Sources reported that season two will have a new lead, Anthony Mackie(aka Falcon/ Captain America in the MCU).

The first season ended with Kovacs giving back the Joel Kinnaman looking sleeve and searching for his lost love Quellcrist Falconer. In February 2018, series boss Kalogridis confirmed that Kinnaman was never signed for the second edition.

Altered Carbon is returning!
Picture: Netflix

When asked if he’d still be playing Kovacs, Kinnaman said he enjoyed making the show and is fascinated with the way the show gained momentum and popularity but is not sure about his return as Kovacs.

Then there were rumours that the showrunner is searching for a Kinnaman replacement, to which Kinnaman was very supportive and liked the concept of keeping the character alive, but changing his face every next season, and won’t be a surprise for him if the audience sees a woman playing the same role with utmost intensity.

Detractors who criticized the first season of the show for focusing solely on a white lead will hopefully see their concerns getting addressed, now that Kinnaman has exited the show.

A new trailer for the upcoming season has been released and Netflix had confirmed previously that the second season of Altered Carbon will hit the screens on February 27.