All you need to know about the season 7 of “How To Get Away With Murder”. Which questions are left unanswered after season 6?

How to get away with murder is a renown series, full of mystery and thrilling experiences. The American crime drama television is a show which always manages to keep the audience on their toes.

The story revolves around Professor Annalise Keating and her students of Middleton University who eventually got linked to a series of problems. As for the plot, the makers don’t make any announcement till now.

Lots of questions were left behind in the last season of this murder mystery. As this is gonna be the last season of the series, it is supposed that all the unanswered questions will be answered in the upcoming season.

The cast for the season

Some rumours stated the presence of some new faces along with the old ones. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially yet, that’s an expected thing to happen. The major cast of Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Dexter, Jack Falahee, Rome Flynn and Aja Naomi King is expected to return.

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When will it release?

After the depressing report of the season going to end, we got a piece of good news too. The creators of How to get away with murder announced its release date. It is done by its producers. They have declared the last season will start after 1st April this year.

The expected plot of the show

Lots of questions are left behind with the last season. One of the most trending question going on in every mind is “What happened to Sandrine”? Where is she? Is she dead? Or is this a part of a plan? If she is dead, then who killed her? If not why she is underground? The puzzled is unsolved. But the wait is about to be over very soon. We have to check for what the store has for us.