All you need to know about the ‘Puppy Bowl’ during upcoming ‘Super Bowl’ this weekend

Puppy Bowl is all set to be aired and it is great new for all the doggo lovers that the event is almost near.
All that is wanted to know about Puppy Bowel

Puppy Bowel will be entering and celebrating its 16th year. It is an annual television program that features puppies from shelters across the nation.This programme impersonates an American football game similar to the Super Bowl. The show is held each year on Super Bowel Sunday.It is one of the cutest competition which is held every year at the month of February. The show is aired on Animal Planet. Puppy Bowl 2020 will be held on Sunday, February 2 at 3pm EST.

The show will be airing the same day as the Superbowl Sunday in which Dan Schachner will act as the refree between the two teams,Team Ruff and Team Fluff. This year they will compete for the Chewky Lombarki Trophy. The show was first started in 2005 as an alternative to Super Bowel football game but today it has managed to become one of the big games and centerpiece of fun for the families across the country.
How to watch the Puppy Bowel?

The Puppy Bowel is aired on Animal Planet and those who wants to stream it online than they can watch it on Animal Planet Go at the same time. The program can also be watched live on Animal Planet through Hulu.
The Dog Bowel, a spin off of Puppy Bowel will also be aired on Saturday, February 1 at 8 pm on Animal Planet which shows adult and senior dogs competing for the trophy. Puppy Bowl pre program show will also be aired one hour before Puppy Bowel. Viewers can look forward for this for cute puppies. Photos of some puppies for the line up are also provided in the Animal Planet website.