Gears Tactics: All the Gaming Geeks, Set Your Schedule for the Descendant of Chess!

A game with strategies and effects, “Gears Tactics,” is a descendant of chess. It is a kind of game that is trending and is loved by many. One of the many unexpected effects of a pandemic is a major number of people are looking towards gaming and finding better games. In this game, we have alien-related fiction, submicroscopic killers, and whatnot. This game has complete action and will way up all your senses. The player has to make a strategy on how to face the invaders and to save themselves from death.

How to play?

This is a multiplayer game, and hence you can include your friends from all around the world. Each team will be having roles such as a sniper, healer, attacker, and so on. With each role, you will also be having the option to customize your wardrobe with your name. Each team will have tasks or typically three action points which can be spent on moving positions, chainsawing aliens and reloading weapons you can also use first aid to restore your health. Each team covers a particular section “overwatching,” and when any other player crosses a particular line, they fire the other players to protect their area.

In this game, you can also switch between units before you have spent all the designated points. In this way, you will create your own territory, and you can respond to any tactic played by others. Missions are flexible and involve your attention. You will have to look out for sinkholes, enemies until you throw a grenade to the ground. Aliens teams are dropped from time to time, and you have to be careful in dealing with them.

Even if you are losing and you try to finish the goal, then you will get points. Also, you are given points if you find rare pieces of armor or other attachments—the best of if you win a mission without losing any team member.