All of Us Are Dead: Netflix Hints the Potential Release Date for the Korean Apocalypse Drama!

All of Us Are Dead: When is the Korean Spooky Drama Making a Comeback?

Netflix’s K-drama content is currently on a roll. With spooky dramas, life-or-death situations in Squid Game, and apocalyptic demon-creatures in Hell bound, the streaming service has opened up a whole new universe of Korean material in only the last year.

This South Korean zombie apocalypse drama, which debuted on Netflix earlier this year, has quickly become one of the most popular and viewed shows on the platform. Despite the fact that the series had a satisfying conclusion that allowed the main protagonists to live happily ever after, there were still numerous zombies. And it’s possible that we’ll get a second season out of it. It puts a horrific high-school spin on the genre, it’s time for a zombie series to catch your attention and feast on your brain.

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead, like all of the aforementioned shows, is as addictive as it is well-made, so we’re sure you’re all salivating (pun intended) for more episodes. Isn’t it fortunate that you came to the proper place?

Lee Jae-kyoo, the director of All of Us Are Dead, is certainly not finished with the story yet. He stated he’d “deliberately” made room in the show for a possible second season in an interview with The Korea Herald:

“Many directions, places, and situations were purposefully constructed to expand the tale into an additional season, including the introduction of the new races of zombies,” Lee stated, alluding to the hybrid zombies seen in the second half of the show.

So, we have a feeling that a second season is on the way. After all, doesn’t that sound promising? It’s time to gather our school supplies, wrack our brains, and go through all of the latest information on this violent masterpiece.

All of Us Are Dead

Season 2 Updates

All of Us Are Dead, Netflix’s tremendous new Korean sensation, was the number one show in over 50 countries last week, even though it hasn’t quite reached that level yet, and may not by the end of the show. After viewing the first season, you might be wondering when the second season of All of Us Are Dead will be released.

To begin, it’s unclear whether Netflix will formally renew All of Us Are Dead for a second season. While it is certainly a huge success, I believe there are a few roadblocks in the way.

To begin with, the original material, which was a WEBTOON comic, has been retired. An unscripted second season would have to start from the beginning. It may be more difficult to come up with new ideas now that the central concept of teenagers departing a high school has passed, rather than while there was still new material to draw from.

All of Us are Dead
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The second season of All of Us is Dead is expected to premiere late this year (very late this year) or early in 2023, assuming Netflix approves the production in the next weeks.

Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead might arrive at any time. When will it be broadcast?

Sorry, but there is no official word on the return of All of Us Are Dead as of May 2022.

Unnamed sources have “confirmed” the news, according to a few rumours circulating the internet. But we’re here to speak facts, and we’re afraid we don’t have any for you. But give it some time, and we vow to update you once we get something more substantial.

This show is clearly not going away easily. K-dramas have traditionally only lasted one season, but when Squid Game became a worldwide sensation and received a second season, all bets were off.

All of Us Are Dead

If the show’s ardent fans urge a season two renewal in the coming weeks, we won’t see new episodes until mid-2023, assuming filming hasn’t begun in secret. This takes into account the show’s filming, as well as the crucial post-production and special effects.

Who’s in the cast of All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

We’ll be honest: this one is a little tough, given that (as the title suggests), not all of the original cast made it out to breathe in a different way.

However, there are a few survivors, so they will most likely return to action. On-jo (Park Ji-hu), Su-hyeok (Park Solomon), Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk), Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), Mi-jin (Lee Eun-saem), and Hyo-ryung (Lee Eun-saem) are among the cast members (Kim Bo-yoon).

Choi Nam-ra, played by Cho Yi-hyun, is one character we can almost certainly expect to return. Unless, of course, the programme tweaks things up in the future with a totally new cast. In any case, expect to see a lot of new, blood-splattered faces in season two of All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead

What will happen in the second season of All of Us Are Dead?

Almost everyone died at the end of All of Us Are Dead. Following the first outbreak, the city of Hyosan was swiftly overtaken by the zombie threat, and most of the undead were eventually annihilated by bombing by the Korean military.

Even if the majority of the survivors had completed their stories, the pandemic may possibly re-emerge. All it would take is one zombie to completely destroy everything.

All of Us Are Dead

Then there’s Nam-Ra, who managed to keep her humanity despite the infection’s destruction of her body. She turns out to be one of many hybrids who can use the virus to their advantage, gaining additional strength and pain resistance. The difficulty is that the craving for human flesh still exists, so upcoming episodes may have to deal with that threat as well.

When will the second season of All of Us Are Dead be released?

The trailer for All of Us Are Dead won’t hit our screens until at least a month before the (possible) release of season two. Netflix operates in this manner.