All about MCU character Bucky Barnes.What will be his role in the upcoming Disney series?

Hearing to the name of the Bucky Barnes, the mind of the audience always goes to Captain America.

Bucky Barnes is the memorable character of the Marvel movies. He appeared in various movies such as first Avengers and Winter Soldier with fresh and revamped appearance. Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are well aware of Bucky Barnes’s character.

Barnes’s character was first created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and got appeared the first time in Captain America comic book. In the year 2011, IGN ranked as a 53rd biggest comic book of all time.

Apart from the comic book, the role of Bucky in the Marvel series is played by a real-life actor named Sebastian Stan. Sebastian acted as Barnes in various series of Captain America, such as First Avenger and Winter Soldier. Apart from Captain America, he also portrays the prominent role in Avenger: Infinity War and End game.

Background of Bucky Barnes Character:

The full name of Bucky Barnes Barnes is James Buchanan Barnes. He was born in the year 1995 in Shelbyville. He becomes powerful under Steve Rogers, where he learn hand to hand combat and martial art. However, later he was capable of using firearms and grenades. Thereafter, like Winter Soldier, he acquired several skills that are equal to the Spy. Bucky is fluent in speaking different languages, including Russian and Spanish.

Furthermore, as Captain America, he has the genuine alloy shield and blends shock-absorbing costume called Kelvar. He often carries various weapons such as knives, guns, and grenades.


There is good news for fans that Barnes will be seen in ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ in the year 2020. Means this year.

Thanks go Disney+ series for this upcoming movie, which is connected to Bucky. Well, the role in the forthcoming movie will be notable as a story of the next series will be hovering around Marvel character Bucky Barnes.