“ALL About Kylie, Travis and there Relationship string Stormi” – Will they get back together? What is the take of Kadarshians over the split? What were the reason behind their split?

Kylie and Travis were the most loved couple of this decade so far. The romance between the two was strong enough to chill your nerves with romance.

But, unfortunately, the couple announced their split on October 1, 2019.

The news went like a wildfire and people now are hoping for both of them to get together.


The things aren’t that easy as it looks!



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Kylie and Travis at the Pre-Grammys last night ๐Ÿ˜โค

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Scott and Jenner belong to completely two different fields of work. Where kylie being just 22, a business mogul and a young mother have to cope up with her huge business and family.

Scott, 28 is a hip-hop rapper who spends long nights at the studio and is indulged in singing tours. Therefore the lack of ability to be comfortable with all this physical world stuff might have got them some trouble.

One more thing as per sources, kylie though being a great business star still like any other person had trust issues with Travis, he has been suspected of cheating over kylie.

Not only this, kylie commented that she wanted to give a sibling to her daughter Stormi, but Travis had another plan and didn’t agree with this.


Well, the family eagerly wants the romantic couple to get back on board with their romance as earlier.

They see them as a great team. Travis might not be an ideal dream guy but one cannot deny over his constant efforts to be a great lover and an adorable father.


Answer to this would be a quite positive possibility but not a clear yes.

This Monday, Travis Scott posted a video of Stormi over Instagram enjoying his song. Everything seems normal right? !

But, there is a suspicious hand of Lady behind (with the face not revealed). While some are expecting that Lady to be kylie and taking it as a good sign for the couple to get back together, while the other part of people doesn’t consider this so.

The reason behind this is, kylie was spotted getting cozy with another hip hop singer at his birthday party and the guy is none other than ‘Drake’.

So, might be there is a chance that if that hand is of kylie then the two might be sharing the roof.

Since they are very clear about their friendship and co-parenting Stormi as their priority, then it might be possible that they are together and the rumors are fake or say a publicity stunt to fetch some drama for another season of KUWTK.


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Travis posted on his Instagram story๐Ÿ˜ Look how happy she looks listening to her dad

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Well, according to sources Travis and kylie will celebrate their thanksgiving and Christmas together for their daughter as it would be her first Christmas celebration.

So all in all things can go either way as per the available possibilities.

In the end, one can expect the two to get back together but should not completely rely upon it and keep the fingers crossed!