Alita 2: Battle Angel is definitely on the cards right now, and here’s all the details you need to know and the latest updates.

Alita: the battle angel is an American cyberpunk action movie released in 2019. It is produced by James Cameron and based on a Japanese manga.

After the success of the film James Cameron hinted that he has planned multiple sequels for the film. On February 6 of 2019, he announced that he is planning Alita the battle angel with Edward Norton in lead role.
In an interview with BBC radio 1, Cameron hinted that the title of upcoming sequels could be “Alita: Fallen Angel” and “Alita: Avenging Angel.”

Release Date
As of now there is no official announcement of the release date. Likewise, no trailer is out yet. Sources indicate that the release date could be in 2022.

Rosa Salazar is sure to return for the role of Alita. Christoph Waltz could be back in the role of Alita’s surrogate father. Edward Norton will continue his role of Nova.

The first film told the origin story of Alita. How during the aftermath of a brutal war, Dr Ido finds a female cyborg in a dumping yard. It had a working brain but the body was destroyed. Dr Ido repairs it and gives it the name Alita. The film further shows her journey in the place and how she interacts with various new characters.

Alita falls in love with Hugo who tells her about his birthplace Zalem. However one could go to Zalem only if he wins the motorvall tournament. With her newly built body, Alita ends up winning the tournament and then points her finger at Zalem.

Things to consider while waiting for the sequel
1: Alita the battle angel was made inorder to set up for the sequels. The series will have a proper story structure and not just some cash grab films.
2: There is a huge fanbase that is waiting for the sequels of Alita. Twitter is being flooded with hype for the Alita 2.

3:The fox/Disney Collab may cause problems as they are working on other star wars movies and live action remakes. This makes Alita 2 less of a priority for them.
4:Alita was a good film and Disney could use it further to see if it grows even more.
5:The cast members are already busy in other projects. Thus it will be difficult to create a schedule for Alita 2.

6:Avatar 2 is coming out in December 2021 and its performance could decide the future of Alita franchise. If avatar is successfull then Cameron would focus more on that franchise.