Alison Roman guessed that after cooking people would ask her about her favorite lipstick

Sometimes you know what is coming, be it the result of your actions or questions about your success. But there are times when you know that people want to which lipstick or nail polish brand you prefer.

Alison Roman is widely famous for her cooking skills and the cooking books she has penned. Alison Roman till date is the author of two books titled “Nothing Fancy” and “Dining In.”

Recently she sat for an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, and before the interviewer, Michelle Stark, has even opened her mouth, Alison Roman interrupted her and asked if she could guess the first question. And when she did, she was correct.

Image: Tampa Bay Times

Alison Roman, 34-years-old, has about 253,000 followers on Instagram, and she is a food writer who has very energetically burst into the cookbook scene in 2017 with “Dining In,” and she also has a very enthusiastic internet following.

Apart from her fans being curious about her cooking skills and her cooking, they were also interested in finding out what was Alison Roman’s preferred lipstick.

Alison Roman has been a professional cook since she was 19 years old and is a “New York Times” columnist. She is also definitely the type of person who would cook a delicious meal over a bottle of wine and talk about makeup opinions as she jumps from one cosmetic brand to another.

Alison Roman is pretty famous for a couple of recipes regarding stew and cookies, and these recipes have gone viral for their comfort factor and intense cookability.

On her Instagram, Alison Roman posts pictures of her followers, making her recipes, and even offers supportive accolades and becomes your very own personal culinary godmother.

What Alison Roman expects from her newly released novel is that they see “Nothing Fancy” like a sister to “Dining In” so that they could muster the familiar feelings that have evolved over time.