Alex Rodriguez Is Spilling Some Major Relationship Secrets About Jennifer Lopez and we just can get enough with Alex Rodriguez’s honesty!!

Alex Rodriguez has recently spilled some beans about his and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship, and honestly, we can’t be happier! It seems like these are quite big revelations!

A-Rod told Jennifer “wears the pants” in Relationship!

Alex said that it is Jennifer who definitely wears the pants in the relationship. Recently Alex Rodriguez guest-starred in the show Hoda and Jenna, where he was asked by Andy Cohen about the pant wearing status. Alex readily answered that it is definitely not he who wears the pants. He further joked and said that before she comes home, he is the boss.

Moreover, Alex talks about the situation in the house where Jennifer definitely takes control. Even the kids are not scared of Alex, it seems! He says that it is, after all, Jennifer Lopez, who has her own gravitational pull. If she asks the kids to do their homework, they are bound to do it. The former Yankees player gushed and talked further about what an incredible lady Jennifer is.

Jennifer Lopez Is The Boss Indeed in the House!

Now that Jennifer Lopez is working hard and rehearsing for the Super Bowl performance, no doubt Alex is the boss at home. He further says that after getting the call, Jennifer was literally in tears. It was her lifelong see to perform at the Super Bowl. Jennifer Lopez is expected to perform alongside Shakira. It is a huge deal of Jennifer, as said by Alex, as she earlier missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity once earlier in her career.

Furthermore, A-Rod said that Jennifer is indeed putting her all in this performance, and she really is a hard-working woman who is spending more than six weeks for rehearsals only! We are about to see some breath-taking performances in the upcoming event of the 2020Super Bowl event.