AfterWrapping ‘To All The Boys 3’ Noah Centineo Reveals How He SaidGoodbye To Peter Kavinsky And What He felt About It.

It is hard to say goodbye, but for Noah Centineo and the cast of  To All The Boys, it  became almost like a celebration. Noah, who plays heart throb Peter Kavinsky in the Netflix trilogy, talked about what he did after he had finished filming the third and final movie.”  When asked, if Noah had done anything special to say goodbye to Peter, he told that he did it all there.

They went to Vancouver, they shot the film, and they celebrated together. and that was that. He continued  to joke that he will be officially retiring after the third film comes out, which will be around August or September 2020.


Noah continued to speak further on his anti-bullying campaign, During his Kids Choice Awards acceptance speech, he opened his mind that ,when you are bullied, you feel alienated and alone. He also asked to take care of yourself, if you are bullied.

He was supporting his friend and actor, Thomas Barbucsa  at the the premiere of the Pete Davidson-lead film Big Time Adolescence at the Metrograph in NYC on March 5. The best friends were of the opinion that they wouldn’t mind working together on a project.

Meanwhile they were not going to rush at anything, so that everything can be done properly. Those who graced the red carpet, also include Machine Gun Kelly, Griffin Gluck, Jon Cryer and Pete Davidson, who also star in the movie.