After South Park, China Bans Another Entertainer!! PewDiePie took to internet to explain why?

It seems like South Park is not the only thing that China got banned. Pewdiepie is also banned in China due to some content issues. Let’s see what is this all about!

Why Was Pewdiepie Banned?

Pewdiepie is quite a known name from Youtube and is banned in China. The reason is he criticized the current issue of Hong Kong and its pro-liberty protestors who are campaigning to retain Hong Kong’s sovereignty. This was not taken well; it seems!

How Is The Overall Reaction of Fans everywhere?

He went on talking about how the U.S. has bowed down to China and has been censoring on behalf of the Chinese Communist Government.

PewDiePie further stated that China is like that person who cannot take any criticism of Twitter and then ends up blocking everyone. He has surely not taken the banned issue well! He has also created some memes where he is comparing some big names of China with Winnie The Pooh, Well, talk about meme power!

All his videos have vanished from China’s largest internet forum Baidu Tieba – a platform that’s seen as being a Reddit alternative in China. All the content has apparently been banned for his recent views and opinions, which are quite against the current political scenario.

Let us see how the fans react to this ban and how they flood all social media with comments. Some people have already shown their anger on Twitter by condemning the act as unjust and are supporting our Youtube star; it seems.

China has earlier banned certain shows because of some inappropriate content or some political issues that probably went against the government. The Hong Kong outrage is one such issue for which many known faces were in trouble for openly protesting and supporting the cause. Let’s see how far this outrage goes!