After “Legion” MCU will Cast Aubrey Plaza again in their upcoming series “Agatha: Covens of Chaos”

Aubrey Plaza featuring in Marvel’s Agatha: “Coven of Chaos”.

Aubrey Plaza will appear in Marvel’s upcoming series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. the dark superhero comedy show is a spinoff of 2021’s series Wanda Vision.

Aubrey Plaza
Credit; @plazadeaubrey Instagram

Joe Locke, Kathryn Hahn and Emma Caulfield Ford will be star along with Aubrey Plaza in the series, which is created by Matt Shakman.

Aubrey plaza 

Comedian, producer and actress Aubrey Christina Plaza. 38-year-old actor will appear in marvel’s upcoming series. She appeared in many movies and known for her Deadpan style. being an actor, plaza achieved so much success as she’s a wonderful actor with no doubt.

Aubrey Plaza
Credit: @plazadeaubrey Instagram

Plaza is likely to play a marvel’s character for a long time as MCU wants to keep her around, she will make her debut next year and her role won’t be small in the series, it is not confirmed yet about what role she will be playing in the series, and it could be possible of her to play a villain’s role.

Casting of Agatha: Covens of Chaos

Marvel’s Upcoming Dark Comedy Superhero series Agatha: Covens of Chaos Created and produced by Matt Shakman, starring Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness, Emma Caulfield Ford as Sarah Proctor, Joe Locke and Aubrey Plaza’s roles are not confirmed yet.

Agatha coven of Chaos
Credit: Marvel Studios


In a statement the comedian Kathryn Hahn showed her gratitude for getting the main lead role in the series, “it’s like a dream that I get to do all these things with these actors and producers, play different roles, to my kids I’m an old nerd maybe when i come out as Kathryn they might start thinking that their mom is coolest”.

The upcoming series will reveal more about the character from Wanda Vision, other casts and their roles haven’t discussed yet, but the series will release soon in 2023’s winters on Disney+ Series.