After Daniel Radcliffe, Several Other Actors including Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne Have Jumped In Support Of The Trans Community after the controversial J.K. Rowling tweet!

Best selling author J.K. has been making headlines due to some controversial tweets that the author posted and was soon subjected to a major backlash. Fans soon called her out as a transphobic person. Take a look at the post that made Rowling land in some major controversy!

J.K. Rowling Faces Major Backlash From The LGBTQ Community!

However, Daniel Radcliffe soon posted a long statement regarding the while controversy that soon took a heated turn, the actor soon took a strong stance in support of the trans community.

Moreover, it is not only Daniel Radcliffe but even Emma Watson has also jumped in the issue and supported the trans community and talked about how she seems them, appreciates them, and loves them. Take a look at this heartfelt Twitter post the actress penned down in solidarity with the community.

Several Actors Have Come Forward And Expressed Their Support For The Trans Community. Have a Look.

Even actor Eddie Redmayne has been absolutely honest and candid about the whole issue. The Fantastic Beasts star said that he disagrees with J.K. Rowling’s comments. He further said Trans women are also women and we should acknowledge that. He further added that it us an ongoing process and he tries to educate himself on this. The actor has acknowledged the sensitivity of the whole controversy.

J.K.Rowling herself has tried to clean the air by justifying her comments and said that at herself is a victim of sexual assault. So, when she heard another issue that a trans woman is going through, there is solidarity and kinship. The author added that she definitely did not want to offend the trans community and it was not her intention to do so.