Actor Rob Schneider Tried His Humor At This Netflix Stand Up Comedy Show! What was the reaction of the audience?

After making fans laugh with some rib-tickling comedy movies over all these years, actor Rob Schneider tried his talent at stand up comedy, and let’s just say people had some mixed reactions to it!

Actor Rob Schneider Tried Something New Other Than His Movies!

The actor’s first stand up comedy show might not have turned out exactly one might have thought it to be, instead, some of the humorous antics come off as a bit problematic. Fans surely had some mixed reactions about the whole thing. If you want you can definitely give this one a try, this being the first time attempt from the actor fans night have given this a fair chance.

Some people who saw the show thought that there was a whole of mimicry done and instead of being interested in some in something more original, he merely just mimicked some accents which were even racists in some way! He mimics some Filipino accent and several others which failed to capture that wide attention and was not that insightful as well.

People Have Mixed Reactions About His First Stand Up Comedy Show!

While some of the  the jokes related to parenthood and all were funny but they were not really rib-tickling funny in that way! Moreover, some of the jokes come off as a bit cringe-worthy as well! Some people did not like and considered them a bit offensive.

The show is available on Netflix and after some great shows on the streaming service fan had more expectations from the actor who have given us such funny movies over the years. He is known for a lot of movies that he had done with co-star Adam Sandler.