A24 Trailer for “Pearl” has dropped and it is as strange, weird, and wonderful!! Checkout for details

A24 has released the first official poster and trailer for their upcoming film, Pearl.

A24 Trailer for "Pearl" has dropped and it is as strange, weird, and wonderful!! Checkout for details 3

Pearl follows a young woman, who wanted to get away from the farm and become popular. Mia Goth as an actress that gives you the chills as soon as she appears on the screen. It’s that captivating aura of hers that draws you in almost instantly. We’re finally getting the grandma’s backstory. She used to have it all, but now it’s stripped away from her as she ages. Pearl is gonna be legendary when it comes out.

The trailer opens with Pearl (Mia Goth) praying to god to make her the biggest start the work ever known so that she can make it far far away from the farm she grew up on. It’s clear that Pearl wants more from life than this and she’s going to do whatever it takes to get it.

The trailer then cuts to Pearl wanting to become like the pretty girls she sees on TV. So she starts to put on makeup and style her hair in a way that would make her look like them. It’s pretty clear that she’s not just doing this for fun, but because she wants to be popular and loved by everyone.

While all of this is going on, we also see flashbacks of murders Pearl has commuted to achieve what she wants.

“Pioneered on her family’s remote farm, Pearl is forced to care for her dying father under the resentful and domineering eye of her devoted mother. Pearl’s goals, temptations, and repressions all combine in the magnificent, technicolor-inspired genesis story of X’s legendary villain as she yearns for a luxurious life like she’s seen in the movies.

On the film’s poster, Goth is portrayed as a young Pearl holding an axe. Her victim is depicted in black and white as well, but their blood is not just red, it also serves as the title of the movie on the poster. Overlooking the two is a much larger version of Goth who is grinning and staring directly at you while her hands are coated in blood.

Goth told the Los Angeles Times.“We didn’t know what was going to happen, We thought at the very least, if nothing comes of it, we’ll write the script and it can serve as a great backstory for Pearl and my grasp on my character.”

Goth’s first co-writing credit appears on Pearl. It used the same sets and personnel as X and was shot immediately after. Even though it wasn’t released online, the first prequel movie trailer was screened in theatres as part of the film X’s stinger.

The first trailer for Pearl has dropped and it is as strange, weird, and wonderful as you would expect from an A24 film. Check it out below!