A seventeen year old crowned as Miss Boone County 2019! Read more details on Boone County Fair!

The Beauty Pageant, Miss Boone County was held on 6th of August 2019. The beauty pageant is part of the Boone County Fair which started on 6th of August 2019 and will continue till 11th of August. Emily Carter, a 17-year old, was crowned as the Miss Boone County Fair in Belvidere at Boone County Fairgrounds.

The event started at around 8:00 PM with a group dance. The introduction of all the contestants followed the event. As per the rules, the contestant must be dressed in a bathing suit, formal evening wear, and an opening attire.

The contestants were presented with a question from a wide range of topics. They were then judged based on their communication skills while answers and other parameters as well.

The best of three contestants after answering one question was further presented with two more questions which the deciding questions for the pageant were. The weightage for marking the contestants was, 35% marks based on how they performed in a personal interview round, 20% each for beauty and physique as well as stage presence and 25% for communication skills.

Emily Carter, the winner of the pageant, was awarded for her stage presence, fitness, and fantastic communication skills. She is a senior at Belvidere North High School and wants to pursue Biomedical Science at the University of Central Florida.

Carter said that she felt amazing to have won the title and had a blast doing it.

Emily also said that “I was just going into it with my head high and a positive attitude and winning was just icing on the cake.”