A Must Watch Web Series: ‘The Story Of God’ With Morgan Freeman Delight To Watch.

The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman is an American television documentary series that aired on the national geographic channel on 3 April 2016. The summary of the show is way deep them just shown, the show rays the clouded sun of clarity and opens the bright blue sky with a broader view of mighty and almighty.

The show looks around those religions and cultures that are present in the world, including rear one. the show is out of blue because of its exquisite creation, the show doesn’t fall for cliché plotline, working on ancient sculpture, holy spots and same old thoughts. Instead, show focus on the present scenario of the religion in the world and try to connect with some old and wise practitioner and their perception of their subject.


What Series wants To Convey

The series features veteran actor morgan freeman, who host the expedition of philosophy exploring various cultures and religions. The show has successfully completed three seasons. Each season held its theme, the first season takes the viewer from the creation of creatures to beyond death.

The second season deduces the philosophy that governs the religion throughout the world, the third season wants the viewer to cultivated vision of devil and god. Also, To sublime inner self to fight with the devil within ourselves. While the second season summed up in three episodes. Both the first and third season consisted of six episodes.

The veteran Actor, Morgan Freeman is a respected artist in the industry, he previously portrayed god in films Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty.

The show is a must-watch, It gives you essence of the real religion and the true meaning of god and beliefs that upholds the society, the world, entire religious community.