A Mother Took Her own Daughter’s Life and then killed herself! A Murder-Suicide case where they were found dead in a car…

This incident is equally shocking and horrifying at the same time. It seems like this case involves a mother who stabbed her little daughter to death before taking her own life.

Mother Took Her Own Daughter’s Life In A Murder-Suicide.

A supposed murder-suicide occurred in Luzerne County, where a mother and her daughter were both found dead in a car. According to officials, the woman and child are Christina Tyler, 31, and her five-year-old daughter Olivia Tyler, both are from Wilkes-Barre.

As of now, the case is a murder-suicide and no one else was involved according to police officials. Until now no new details related to the case have been unveiled by the police but the investigation is still going on.

The car where both of them were discovered was towed away from the area at about 10 a.m. on Friday. It is quite sure that something so bad happened that the woman was forced to stab her own daughter and take away her life as well. Is there an ulterior motive of someone else? We need to wait until any new evidence comes up.