A Lot Is Going To Happen In Popular Series Endeavour Season 7 At A New Mysterious Location! Check out all exclusive updates.

It seems like after six back to back seasons of hit crime drama series Endeavour, there are brand new updates about the seventh season and it seems like the thrill is going to be much more intense this time.


The Seventh Season Of Endeavour Is Going To All About New Crime Mysteries And A New Location As Well!

For the seventh season, the three new crime stories will be focused on, the biggest catch is all the three mysteries are connected to the larger stories of The Masterpiece! The names of these three stories are going to be Oracle, Raga, and Zenana. Don’t forget to watch all the brand new episodes of the show and here’s a little glimpse into a new beginning for Morse in season 7.

Moreover, for the new season, the makers are exploring some new locations and Morse is all set to visit the original Bridge of Sighs, Venice. So, fans are going to witness new stories in a new setting for season 7. The place has been described as beautiful with an aura of mystery wrapped around it.

Is Joan Going To Appear In The Seventh Season Of The Crime Series?


While fans have been speculating about actress Sara Vickers’ Joan’s appearance in the seventh season, it seems like she is not going to be in this new season given the actress baby was due during the season’s filming. However, something new is coming this way, have a look at this small snippet.


While Joan is not in this new season, a new love triangle is being the centre of attention for this season. There’s something exciting and dangerous as she is described as unattainable as well.