A guard of honor to the real Marvel hero, Stan Lee in New York City…

The people of New York City are hot to trot as the hour-long special takes the viewers through the life of this genial personality in the history of Marvel Universe, Stan Lee!


Stan Lee’s soul to be remembered through the filming at the New York City

According to the reports, ABC Entertainment and Marvel Universe have joined hands and geared up for a special ceremony for the real Marvel hero, Stan Lee. The New Amsterdam Theatre invites all the Marvel fans who have always shown their true love and support for Stan Lee. As per the sources, a film on Stan Lee shall be presented. The event will also feature never seen before interviews and archive footage of Lee himself from both ABC News and Marvel archives.

A number of Marvel veterans are set to be a part of this upcoming event. Tom Hiddleston, Paul Bettany, and Marvel President Kevin Feige have confirmed that they will be making appearances along with Kevin Smith, Bob Iger, Todd McFarlane, Mark Hamill and more.

Stan Lee was an iconic personality, who gave birth to the most loved comic series of the World, Marvel. It was way back in 1961 when Lee introduced the World to the Fantastic Four, showcasing a team of astronauts on a scientific mission to outer space.

Lee was always immensely loved by his fans

These characters put into the movies by Stan Lee, have been the childhood heroes for most of the people all over the World.  Stann Lee was truly a genius. His unique thought processes shall be considered as unmatched as his characters helped him gain a lot of fan following for the Marvel. His movies have been something to drool on. These characters are said to have transformed the childhood of millions of people.

Stan Lee was not only a director but also an actor who used to bring himself in cameos in his movies.

His last cameo was in ‘Avengers Endgame’, where he left a message to all the people which was to make love and not war. Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018, leaving behind a sea of devastated fans.