“A Doll for Everyone!” Mattel now Manufacturing GENDER-NEUTRAL DOLLS!!

Mattel, the doll manufacturing Company, has now come up with a whole new Idea of gender-neutral dolls. It has been creating its legacy since the year 1969 of introducing Barbie into the market. The new Gender-neutral dolls are called as a version of Creatable World where the kids are the ones who can customize their own dolls which is not at all having a gender of its own as manufactured earlier.

The Company came up with the idea to provide with Dolls for Everyone. As a record to what the company has observed by now, the limitless number of dolls are played by a limitless number of kids. The whole idea is to invite everyone in to play with the dolls and keep the labels or gender out. With such an idea, it created up a new set of accessories with dolls in it. As, the boys were not at all supposed to play with dolls but who said that, it was just a misunderstanding since a very long period of time and now the things have changed.

The Kit of dolls comprises of short and long hair options, six pieces of clothing sets, three pairs of shoes and two accessories that are both female and male presenting. Since the dolls are not of any fixed gender, they do not have the curves of Barbie or broad shoulders of Ken.

Senior Vice President of Mattel Fashion Design Kim Culmone stated in a statement sent to USA TODAY that the toys that the kids play with reflect the culture and the world celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity so, they also decided to create such dolls which are not at all tagged with gender or anything which does not let the kids incur the inclusivity moral into them from the very beginning of their lives.

The dolls are now available for sale, and one can purchase them in Amazon, Walmart, and Target online. The dolls have a retail price of $30.