A boy had a Lego hand inside his nose for two years and it came out now! Check out for more details on this weird story.

Samir Anwar, from Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, was playing with the Lego piece in 2018 when he put it up to his nose.

His father Mudassir shone a light up Samir’s nose at that point however couldn’t see it.

The GP told the family it would rapidly discover out normally through his body, yet it didn’t.

The concerned couple took Sameer to a doctor, who also failed to locate it, telling the family that the Lego would likely wind up in the digestive tract and pass through on its own.

Anwar said Sameer never complained of pain or discomfort, and they eventually forgot about the incident.

With Sameer showing no signs of pain or distress, his parents soon forgot about the ordeal. “Since then he’s never complained or anything,” Anwar said, telling the Guardian his son was “quite playful and a mischievous character”.

Sameer, who remains a fan of the colorful plastic bricks, appeared delighted with the reunited piece, saying to his parents: “Mum, I found the Lego! You were telling me it wasn’t there, but it was there!”

The wayward bit of Lego had been enveloped by tissue, and the family was all the while choosing what they ought to do with it, however, Anwar had kidded to his significant other “that we should donate it to a museum”.

Lego pieces are generally lost up kids’ noses, as are dots and little bits of food like popcorn portions, peas, blueberries, and grapes.

Today Samir has been to the specialist again and has been told for the second and ideally last time, that he has the all-reasonable.

“I was surprised and a bit scared,” Samir tells Newsbeat, including he is as yet an enormous Lego fan and that he’s intrigued that the piece had remained unblemished.