’90 Day Fiancé Season 7 couple Mike and Natalie defile themselves as “Beauty and the Beast”!!

Supporters of the series have been introduced to several new couples with the latest season of ‘ 90 Day Fiancé ‘, including one of the most controversial new additions, Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio. TLC is now bringing in a new couple, Mike and Natalie.

Mike,34, from Washington, and Natalie,35, from Ukraine, are one of the hits TLC television couples on Season 7. After a friend of Mike met and married a woman from Ukraine, he played matchmaker with his new bride and connected Mike to Natalie.

When Mike’s best friend, Matt, got married to a woman from Ukraine named Svetlana, the pair first met. Matt wanted to set up his buddy with one of the friends of Svetlana, and Mike was immediately attracted to Natalie. Matt and Svitlana had a kid together, and the godfather was Mike. Svitlana decided the godmother as her best friend, Natalie.

Ultimately, Mike flew to Ukraine to meet his love and felt a new connection. Mike proposed her at the Eiffel Tower after going to Paris together, which was their second meeting in person. On the show, Natalie makes her way to Seattle to start the process of marriage.

“I’ve got lots of positive energy, and I think people just feed off it. I have been married one time. She ended up leaving me for another man. After my divorce, I was hesitant at first, but when I first laid eyes on Natalie, I was just like in shock,” says Mike in the teaser trailer.

But she’s a girl from the area, he’s a rustic man, and they’re different from church-going. The couple is surely aware that on paper they’re not a perfect match. Mike admitted he was hopeful that their differences would make up for each other.

Mike said in a perfect self-description, “They say opposites attract. She’s a vegetarian, I love my meat. She’s religious, I’m non-religious. She’s very elegant and I am kind of a big ogre. She’s a beauty and I’m the beast.”