90 Church: Dave Bautista & Kit Harington Starrer Netflix Narcotic Drama to be in Vintage Style

90 Church: A drug drama in production with Kit Harington and Dave Bautista

Drug drama always brings a different intensity in watching it when you get them on the steaming platform, isn’t it? Well, guess what? There’s one more coming your way to binge watch soon. Getting on to tell you who might be there in to play the leads, then we’ve got two names confirmed for it. Yes, that’s Kit Harington and Dave Bautista and the show’s going to be 90 church.

But for more read ahead to know to what’s brewing up for the new drug drama.

What’s the 90 church drug drama going to be all about?

To be precise about the upcoming drug drama 90 church then, it’s a story based on the best selling book of Dean Unkefer’s 90 Church: The true story of the narcotics squad from hell. It was a drug story about a young man who gets into drug addiction and the stuffs causing him to get deeper into the dark world. The show may have a little variation with its title as it might get a name 90 Church Street.

The cast of the show 90 Church?

Dave Bautista | 90 Church
Instagram | 90 Church

The show hasn’t confirmed its cast list yet we have got clues on Kit Harington and Dave Bautista to play a crucial role in the upcoming drug drama. Some more casts may get revealed as the production moves ahead with time.

However, we hope to see Kit Harington to play the young drug agent in the drug drama.

Kit Harrington | 90 Church

What could be the possible plot for 90 Church Street?  

The drug drama based on the book of the same name may have a similar theme as of the book. So, hope to see a 50s or 60s era set in New York background. The young drug agent might be Kit Harington while Dave Bautista may play the lead of the Narcotics Bureau.

The production of the show is said to have already begun by now and we might get to see it soon late in this year or early of next year.