80 year old accused of ending the life of 77 year old wife who’d been battling Dementia!!

An 80-year-old man allegedly shot his wife of 77 years old dead. She had been fighting dementia for several years, as said by officials in Oklahoma.

80 year old accused of ending the life of 77 year old wife who'd been battling Dementia!! 3

A heartbreaking story that took place in one of a couple of houses in the east of Rose-day college.
Royce Davis was arrested early Monday in Midwest city after he accepted his crime of shooting his own wife Dorthy Davis and planned on shooting himself too.officers who managed to reach on time could get the culprit to put his gun down while he was attempting suicide and asked him to surrender before things went worst.

On the crime scene, police found the woman lying on the bed with a gunshot wound to her left temple. Immediately she was taken to the OU Medical center, where she lost her hopes to survive. with a charge of first-degree murder, Davis has been held without bond at Oklahoma country jail.

Dementia or decline in memory (Alzheimer) that affects a person’s ability to perform everyday activities is a dreadful disease, which became the prime reason for Mr.Davis to take up the decision to end his wife’s life. Officials said he used to tell dispatchers in his phone that he’d been carrying for his wife who’d been suffering dementia for over two years.

He felt this was the only option to end her suffering as it was too much for him to handle. As he was old too, it was suffering for him as well, and so he considered his wife more like a burden than a priority. It had been 55 yrs of their marriage who still had so much love for other couples to get inspired and lived a happy married life. Stepping such a brutal step shocked people. According to the neighbors, Mr. Davis was an innocent man and such a decision was unexpected, and that they failed to recognize a person.