78 but still living at her best – Patricia Altschul is breaking stereotypes.

78-year-old Patricia Altschul is making news for dating a 19-year-old. However, it is her long life that is fascinating as much as the youngness of her heart. The “Southern Charm” star is living her best life in her 70s. She has a butler and is not single, with no immediate plans to tie the knot.

Altschul is an American socialite, art collector, and a reality television personality. She married her first husband, Lon Smith at 20 and had her only child with him. She remarried again after her divorce, to Edward S. Fleming, the founder of the Psychiatric Institutes of America. After six years they split up. In 1996, she married for the third time Arthur Goodhart Altschul, partner of Goldman, Sachs, and Company. Arthur passed away in 2002, and the socialite returned to Charleston, where her reality show was shot.

โ€” Patricia Altschul (@Pataltschul)

Speaking on dating and advice to younger women, Altschul stated, “He should be proving himself to her. Her main concern should be, ‘Is he good enough for me?'” She shares her experiences, advice, and thoughts on relationships on her Instagram profile.

78 but still living at her best - Patricia Altschul is breaking stereotypes. 3

Altschul has been the director of several non-profit organizations such as the New-York Historical Society and the Historic Hudson Valley. Her character on Southern Charm is that of “the resident madcap grande dame.” She is a fan favorite of the show, drawing the attention of celebrities like Lady Gaga. Her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith produce the show. She is frankly herself on display. She shared, “I always say exactly what I think, and they can do what they want. I do not want them putting up any ugly pictures of me.”