72-years-old man hailed as the king of karaoke night near Michigan State University

When Dennis Foreback started walking up to the mic, the smartphones started coming out. Students from college started clicking pictures and shooting videos as Dennis Foreback, 72-years-old, continued singing “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.

Dennis Foreback may not be as mobile as he was in his youth, but he pumped up the sing by bending his during the high and long notes of the song. People around him chanted his name as he kept continuing singing the song.
This incident took place in a burger and beer joint near Michigan State University. Now if anyone has laid their eyes on Dennis Foreback they would think that he is a geriatric rock star.

72-years-old man hailed as the king of karaoke night near Michigan State University 3

To treat his Type 2 diabetes, Dennis Foreback has spent enough time in the hospital, and this has led his voice to become scratchy from disuse. And probably it looks like karaoke has given him a way to get his vocal cords back into their shape and tone.

It was almost a decade since Dennis Foreback has started drifting away from other bars and ended up being a regular customer at the Crunchy’s. And at Crunchy’s Dennis Foreback was seen singing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Dennis Foreback was a native of Lansing and has graduated from Eastern High School, but did not want to attend a university. Dennis Foreback reflected that the Crunchy’s offers him a taste of college experience.

A few students from the Michigan State University reflect that the posting a selfie with Dennis Foreback on Facebook is actually a badge of honor.

On every Wednesday, Dennis Foreback relishes as he watches the Crunchy’s volleyball league. Dennis Foreback, most of the times, prefers to talk about his grandchildren, his children and the Detroit Tigers.

Dennis Foreback grew near a farm located near the Lake Lansing Road before the area had built up a Meijer Grocery Store.