7 Survival Skill Movies that Will Prepare You for The Possible Outcome Of Corona Virus


Amid the outbreak coronavirus here are some survival skill movies that will set your mind for possible outcomes.

The Revenant (2015)

Well, the movie is a popular one, and if you know it then you could easily recall the instant. But if don’t, you just need to know the Movie stars, Leonardo DiCaprio, he gets attacked by a bear and had a fatal scene, and from there the real story of the survival starts. Ya thought the film doesn’t do much for the typical survival one, The Revenant does have the strong element of survival in the wilderness with some of the prominent scenes.


Against The Sun (2014)

The movie had made to the list because it is said to be one of the real stories of the US navy seal pilot who had to survive in the sea, after a traumatizing accident that leaves him in the habitual condition. The story and screenplay make you feel the wrath of nature and whose survival instinct works.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

The film focus on the wrath on nature and the basically fearful ocean experience the story again is predictable but the screen work and the sequence of the plot keep your ears alert and heart high to feel the fright of the gigantic waves and danger of the sea.


Apollo 13 (1995)

The film is of course based on the real-life story and famous one Apollo 13 lunar mission, the film takes us to the tin where the NASA specialist are trapped away from the earth. Though the film is a bit old but is enough to propel you to think about it.

Lone Survivor (2013)

Well, the film is not exactly on the mark of the discussion but the movie can’t be dropped of the list of survival movie. The plot takes us to Afghanistan, with four seal member outnumbered by Taliban fighters and must escape the area or be killed.

Everest (2015)

It is based on the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster, where eight climber dies in order to descend the mountain. The film basically highlights the traumatizing situation of the climbers.

2012 (2009)

Personally, one of the most frightful movies of my childhood, the film is worth watching and make you think about the end of the world and who each stratum of the society affected by it.