63-Year-Old Teacher Accused of Sex With Teen Student! Killing Herself after Murdering Husband..

Emma Neil Ogle killed her husband, Michael Ogle, with a handgun on Nov 5th and later killed herself…

When a family member came home to check on Michael, as he didn’t show for work at his flooring business. He found Emma holding the gun and Michael lying on the floor with a head wound. He immediately informed the police. Before SWAT or police team could reach home, Emma already shot herself.

As per Huntersville Police Department officer Odette Saglimbeni, the case will be investigated as “suicide murder.”

As if now, no motive has come in light. But Emma, 63, North Carolina teacher was accused of having sex with her 17-year-old student. 

The police are investigating the case by checking Emma’s phone records, to know, to whom she spoke before the incident. She may or may not be in contact with someone or talked about the accusations. Police have discovered many handwritten notes of Emma and is trying to put all the pieces together.

The crime was only revealed when Michael didn’t turn up for work and was not even available on the phone. 

Emma, a CTE Health Occupations teacher at Charlotte’s Garinger High School, was arrested Oct. 31. She was charged with having sex with a minor student. These acts are not legal and are considered severe in nature. She was out of jail on a $10,000 bond.

Last summer, Emma alleged a relationship with a minor student, which turned sexual over time. Due to which she was suspended from the school.

“It is not anything we expect ever,” Saglimbeni says. “It is a sad situation. It is one of those isolated types of situations we don’t see that often.”