6 Facts You (Probably) Would Like And Which You Would Not Have Known About The Online Star

Belle Delphine ,the popular Youtuber has became viral by selling her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” online. She has succeeded in amassing a huge volume of followers on Youtube.


1. She is just Twenty!

Belle Delphine Joined Youtube as a teenager, but now she has just turned the corner. She  turned 20  on October 23, 2019. She was born in 1999. For another decade, she will be a part of 20 something club.

2. Her Real Name?

Her first name is kept intact where as she adopted a stage name for her surname.  Her real name is legally Belle Kirschner. But she has added Delphine instead of Kirschner. The name Belle Delphine is more memorable than Kirschner a has a very nice ring to it.

6 Facts You (Probably) Would Like And Which You Would Not Have Known About The Online Star 1
Image: Instagram

3. Delphine Owns a Popular Subreddit

Belle Delphine  is also found on Reddit. . The subreddit was made on September 21st with as /r/BelleDelphine. She has created this specially for her fans.It only took a month for her to be on on the site before the community blossomed with more than 22,000 subscribers.  When it comes to followers, she knows how to pack them in.

4. Selling her bathwater

For those who thinks that Belle Delphine’s sale of bathwater is only a publicity stunt,the truth of the matter is that she is really selling her bathwater. The Gamer Girl Bath Water is going for $250 a pop. First it was for $30 but the response was so great that she increased the price and it’s still selling. There are other products on her site like GamerGirl Chewed Gum along with GamerGirl Pee. Really Shocking !

5. She was born in South Africa

Belle was actually born in Cape Town, South Africa, but currently she lives in London, England.Although she was born in South Africa, the family later moved  to London, England.

6.  Got kicked off Instagram

Belle Delphine once had an Instagram account, but she no longer has one.Her account was deleted for violating the Community guidelines . Belle had amassed 4.5 million followers on the site. She was very popular , but Instagram just couldn’t handle the content, she posted. nudity or pornography which is not allowed on Instagram.