6 Best Research Topics for College Students That Will Get Your Brainstorming Juices Flowing

When it comes to options offered, nothing beats the internet. Everything is just within reach to open a world of options that can feel overwhelming. You might find it relieving when your teacher gives you the creative freedom to select your own topic but instead, you later find out it’s an exhausting exercise to narrow down your choice. 

You might end up staring blankly at your syllabus, praying that an idea will present itself. To make things easier for you, here are some hints.


Start by brainstorming

An important thing to consider when finding the right topic for your research paper is to first think of different subjects that you have an interest in. Jot these down on a piece of paper then select the one that makes you feel compelled to learn more. Break this selection down into smaller sub-topics related to it. 

After that, you can further narrow your topics down to find which one is the most interesting. If you think that you have come up with a controversial topic, think of the perspective that you will take for your paper. 

As much as possible, read different perspectives related to the topic you have chosen. This will broaden your knowledge on the subject and make writing your paper a lot easier.


Check the guidelines given by your teacher

Aside from making a list of the possible topics for your research paper, you should also remember all of the requirements and restrictions that your instructor has specified when they gave you the research assignment. 

Your teacher might not even allow such an extreme shift, although they might give some considerations. Consider this: if your real interest is to write about current events but your instructor assigns you with a research paper on something historic, you may choose a subject that will fit both categories. Of course, it is still a good move to first get your teacher to approve your research topic before you start writing it.


Research paper writing help from professionals

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Do your research

The right skills for writing a good research paper will be very important in both a professional and academic career. At some point in your life, you will need to write about a specific topic, analyze the information you have gathered, and come up with a conclusion for it. 

This is a must that during your academic journey in a university or college. You should know how to do research wherever you need to compose written assignments. Always remember that credible references and quality research are the backbones of any research paper.


The best topics to write about

To write a high-quality research paper, you need extreme concentration, diligence, and time. When it comes to choosing topics for research papers or even when you need a paper to apply for international research scholarships, some of the best topics include Environmental Research (Climate Change, Endangered species, Global warming, Marine pollution, and more), Current Events (Goals of Feminists, The Trump Presidency, The Relationship Between North Korea and the US, The Black Lives Matter Movement, and more), Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Biology, and more), Ancient History Topics (The Origins of Human Civilization, Burial Practices in Ancient Cultures, The Maya Civilization, Dinosaurs, Ancient Mythology, and more), Health Research (AIDS, COVID, Alternative Medicine, Birth Control, Cancer, and more), and Business (Marketing, Economics, Finance, and more).

And some more:

  • Mesopotamia and the origin of human civilization – Ancient History Topic 
  • Romance and sexuality in literature – English and Literature
  • Soap Opera Dynasties – Music and Culture Topics 
  • Global terrorism – Current affairs 
  • Cloning – Science 
  • Youth Culture – Sociology and Psychology 


Choosing a topic from the list of research topics for college students above is the first step when writing your research paper. The next thing to do is to form an argument then zero in on a specific subject or topic that you want to work with. Before you start writing your research paper, take time to examine all of your research. Then consider the broad connections of your chosen topic and how it relates to the world. 

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