‘57 Seconds’ : Morgan Freeman & Josh Hutcherson roped in for the lead roles

Morgan Freeman & Josh Hutcherson will lead ‘57 Seconds’

On the direction of acclaimed American director, Rusty Cundieff , the upcoming season is releasing a sci-fi movie ‘57 Seconds’. In addition to this, the movie revolves around tech blogger Franklin and works on high intense thriller with hint of action, science-fiction.

57 seconds
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Cherry on the top, acclaimed actors like Oscar winner Morgan Freeman and ‘The Hunger Games’ credited Josh Hutcherson will lead the cast of the time-bending thriller. Moreover, co-finance company, Highland Film Group will launch sales of the movie at Berlin’s virtual European Film Market.


‘57 Seconds’ focuses on Burrell’s mysterious ring that takes Franklin 57 seconds into the past. At first, everything goes well but later he found himself intertwined between past and future. The story starts  with the clash between the young tech blogger Franklin Fausti and Anton Burrell, an experienced and expert tech guru. Following the heavy face-off interview, Franklin finds a mysterious rings which belongs to the technophile Burrell.

CREDIT – thehungergames

Soon after, he discovered the importance and work of the ring. He work his level best with help of the ring and Burrell to fight against the pharmaceutical company that took his sister’s life. However, later, he get drowned deep into the labyrinth of time. He find himself entangled in many incidences that have far more serious consequences.

The incredible crew 

The time-bending Sci-fi thriller will release under Curmudgeon Films and Revelations Entertainment production. Morgan Freeman portrays Anton Burrell, visionary technophile and Hutcherson plays the role of Franklin Fausti will shape out the cast as leads. Moreover, ‘Tales From the Hood’ credited director, Rusty Cundieff, directed on the storyline of British author E.C. Tubbs’  story.

The sci-fi thriller is penned by ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ famed Macon Blair. Besides, Where All Light Tends to Go producer Griff Furst, Thomas P. Vitale of ‘Slasher’, ‘Invictus’ credited Lori McCreary will lead the producers team.

Furthermore, Ford Corbett, Yoram Kohanzadeh, Som Kohanzadeh and Miguel Sandoval will executively produce the film ’57 seconds.’